The Carbon Base label was founded in 1992 by Michael Fibe and Peter Valentine. Based in St Albans, slightly north of London (UK), the label was dedicated to Fibe's and Valentine's own output, and the founders soon became active members in the London ambient scene. Looking back, Fibe and Valentine maintained a singular vision among their contemporaries.

The Carbon Base label information sheet describes the Immortal 12" as "atmospheric club music of no particular genre." This is only too appropriate, for the atmospheres from two of the three tracks are culled from the unclassifiable first Aloof Proof album, Expo One. "Appa Mappa 1644" and "The Searchers" are simply remixed versions of "The Virus" and "The Search," respectively, with a club-friendly (perhaps?) stomp either added for color or a ludicrous stab at accessibility. "Immortal" appears to be original to this release, and is similar in tone to dark-dancefloor work by both Coil and Greater Than One. Perhaps not an essential Aloof Proof release, but certainly a mysterious, intriguing footnote in the artist's oeuvre.
Appa Mappa 1644
The Searchers
total time: 31:22

In addition to releasing the albums by Aloof Proof, Carbon Base was also the home of artist PVH. Among the rare releases on the label, PVH's White rate as perhaps the most elusive. Released in 1995 and composed by Peter Valentine—who was allegedly also behind the artwork on the Aloof Proof releases—White has a sound of its own, yet fits perfectly within the Carbon Base esthetic.

If the latter part of Piano Text fills its aural canvas with the very last leaf falling at autumn, White paints a feather floating in space. Its 27 minutes has a light, translucent quality and although difficult to pin down, the sound is distinctly modern. The piece evolves with a sound of echo, but unlike in the recent works by Grouper—where the echo acts to obscure—the tones in White travel far and resonate, creating a sense of air and purity. The album may be the label's shortest release, but it is no less compelling: White stands as an essential piece of the Carbon Base puzzle.

ambient music by PVH

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This section previously also featured a trio of unofficial releases related to the Carbon Base label. We have learned that these albums were never produced and they have now been removed by request.